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Growing from a transport and catering provider, WFDM recognized the need for a temping agency amidst widespread unemployment and recruitment challenges. Our outsourcing methods proved successful, propelling us from a small team to 200+ employees. Expanding to Cyprus, WFDM Holdings LTD continues to prioritize clean, transparent services, offering dynamic jobs and fulfilling employers’ need. achieve work life balance while finding the perfect candidate with WFDM.

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Recruitment Services are essential for any company looking to hire new employees. With a wide variety of services, we can help you find what you’re looking for. Whether you need to hire a few people or fill an entire team, we can find the right people at the right price.

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Head Hunting

There are a lot of job hunters these days. Why not come for an established and reliable headhunter? We offer high-quality services to make sure that you have an efficient and targeted employee for that specific job.


Finding the right person can be time-consuming and expensive. So let’s make it quick, easy, and affordable! We have a pool of qualified candidates to help you find the perfect person for that job

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If you are looking for outsourced services, look no further! We have different kinds of services offered online.

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Do you need payroll services? Have you been looking all over but can’t find the right one? We’re here to help! With Payroll, you can focus on the things that matter. We’ll take care of everything else so that you can get back to your business.

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Immigration Consultancy Services

Unsure of what you need to do to legally come to Europe? We are a team of immigration consultants that can provide you with the best guidance available on what you need to do

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Growing from a transport and catering provider, WFDM recognized the need for a temping agency amidst widespread unemployment methods proved successful, propelling is from a small team to 200+ employees. Expanding to Cyprus WFDM Holdings LTD continues to prioritize clean.

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