Was started in Malta back in 2020 just before the pandemic immersed in our daily lives. Company was started as a transport and catering provider, however having such a great influx of business, extraordinary recruitment procedures, growth, managing director and UBO has taken the decision to position the company as a temping agency for recruitment matters seeing how many people are without jobs and how many employers are struggling to recruit. Nevertheless to say, seeing how applicants and even employers are lost in the process for submitting files, recruiting legally and furthermore finding the right person for work, WFDM outsourcing methods proved to be working and the company grew from 1 man army to 150 employees.

With the growth in Malta, WFDM ltd grew to WFDM Holdings LTD and was started in Cyprus back in 2021 with the same objectives to provide clean, transparent services for employees and employers.
Company aim is to provide people with dynamic, life and work balance jobs while executing employers needs for the job posting finding the right candidate


Our customers are central to our mission.

We are committed to connecting great companies with great employees and opening up opportunities for both by providing the highest quality of outsourced employment and human resource services. Success for our customers is reached by empowering them to focus on what they do best.


We continuously strive to become the preferred source for employment and human resource services. We are dedicated to serving our customers and the community with the highest levels of service, knowledge, professionalism, honesty, and integrity.

We are devoted to remaining unsurpassed in customer satisfaction. We strive to maintain our reputation

Why Us?

WFDM is a one-stop shop for all of your recruitment and corporate needs



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Our Guarantee

We scout the industries and our offer is adjusted to the real needs of the market. We guarantee advantageous employment for all foreigners who are willing to take the next step in their careers.

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We make sure that each and every applicant is treated fairly and given the same exposure for any jobs they applied for

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Our ethics thrive to make sure that all the applications we received are kept confidential and not passed onto any third parties.

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Professional services

Our team comprises a number of professionals who have been in their respective industries for a number of years and have built an enviable network of professional contacts and associates

Team member

We always work with a great team.

Mantvydas Narusevicius

Managing Director
about, WFDM LTD

Lijo Thomas

Operations Manager
about, WFDM LTD, WFDM, Malta

Brian Patten

Chief Financial Officer

Klesti Vane

Logistic Supervisor

Shivam Rambabu Pandey

Logistics Associate

Surendra Kumar Gopisetty

Executive - Cyprus

Manikata Ranimekala

Cyprus Manager

Narendra Singh

Accounts Executive

Justin Narusevicius

R&D Specialist

Samantha Rimpa


Get in touch

Our head office address:

Office 2, Susan Court A, Triq l-Abate Rigord, Ta' Xbiex
Office no. 2E Zeta Court, Kallikrati Street, 3075 Limassol

Call for help:

(+356) 2702-6040 - Malta Office

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