Truck Driver

We are looking for a qualified truck driver who will be in charge of making on-time, safe deliveries of commodities and other commercial items to our clients. You’ll be responsible for operating and maintaining the vehicles we’ll give you, as well as coordinating closely with our team of dispatchers to map out routes and keep tabs on deliveries.


It’s necessary to have a C license or local commercial driver’s license. Candidates must pass a drug and alcohol test and have a spotless driving record in order to be selected.



  • Pack and unpack the cargo.
  • Record deliveries of freight.
  • Refuel and wash the truck.
  • Inform the dispatcher of any traffic issues.
  • Observe the traffic laws.
  • Examine trucks and note any problems.
  • Observe accident protocols.
  • Log your activities and hours in a log.
  • Inform maintenance professionals of any mechanical issues.
  • Utilize a GPS system to plan routes.
  • Deliver the goods to the customer on schedule.
  • Keep a positive outlook when dealing with consumers.
  • Inspect vehicles for mechanical items and safety issues and perform preventative maintenance
  • Document and log work/rest periods and kilometers spent driving and retain fuel/toll receipts
  • Comply with truck driving rules and regulations (size, weight, route designations, parking, and break periods) and with company policies and procedures.
  • Plan best route options
  • Collect and verify delivery instructions
  • Report defects, accidents, or violations
  • Performing pre- and post-trip vehicle inspection reports
  • Securing cargo and properly arranging and balancing it within the vehicle
  • Obeying and following applicable traffic laws
  • Communicating and coordinating with dispatchers



  • Class C or other commercial driver’s licenses are required for truck drivers.
  • Must have clean police conduct
  • A spotless driving record is required.
  • Diploma from high school.


Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Malta

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