Pump Attendant

WFDM is looking for pump attendants to help our employer who owns several petrol stations here in Malta. Customer satisfaction needs to be guaranteed and they do this by providing assistance with fueling vehicles, checking oil levels, cleaning windshields, and answering any questions about the services offered at the station.


In order to manage all of the various jobs that arise during a regular shift, pump station attendants need to be able to multitask successfully. To deal with the general public, they also need to have great customer service skills.


Job Duties of a Pump Station Attendant

A gas station attendant often performs a variety of duties, some of which include:


  • Managing financial transactions, pumping out fuel, and keeping track of fuel sales
  • Cleaning, maintaining the building, replenishing supplies of snacks and beverages, serving customers, and carrying out maintenance procedures including replacing automobile air filters or light bulbs
  • Letting customers know the current cost of fuel, any current specials, and any savings that are being offered at the station
  • Keeping detailed records of all transactions, including fuel returns and purchases, utilizing cash register systems or other techniques
  • Routinely maintaining automobiles by examining fluid levels, tire pressure, and other elements that could have an impact on performance
  • Answer questions and provide directions if needed.
  • Lubricate the vehicle, change motor oil, add water, install antifreeze, or replace lights or other accessories.
  • Prepare daily reports of fuel and oil.
  • Clean gas station bathrooms.
  • Charge or replace batteries.
  • Provide customers with receipts.
  • Call the police to report suspicious activity in and around the gas station.


If you fit the above, please apply as soon as possible.


Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Malta

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